A dental emergency can occur when you least expect it. And worse, getting to a dentist­ may be very difficult­ and costly. Perhaps you are off-the-beaten-track, traveling in a foreign country, or you need assistance after hours. Don’t be caught off-guard with toothache that hampers your holiday, your big corporate deal or sporting adventure.

The Emergency Dental Kit has been created to help you deal with common dental emergencies quickly and easily until you can get professional help.

With the Emergency Dental Kit you can easily dress a simple broken tooth, temporarily replace a lost filling, and gain temporary relief from toothache.


The Emergency Dental Kit contains the following items:

•  Dental tools
•  Latex gloves
•  Cottonwool pellets
•  Pain desensitiser
•  Dental wax
•  Temporary dental filling (minimum 28g)
•  Full instructions

*Contents may differ from image displayed.

The temporary dental filling can be easily and safely inserted into a tooth cavity until you can get to a dentist for a permanent filling. The dental filling is non-toxic and will last in the tooth for weeks.


The Emergency Dental Kit should form part of your standard first-aid kit. It is also recommended for those who are going to be away from home or where access to proper dental care is limited or unavailable. Instructions for how to use the kit – including cleaning and temporarily filling a tooth – are included in the kit.

Don’t let needless pain, irritation or discomfort get in your way.

Order your kit today for R840 + delivery.


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These kits should be ordered in advance in case of an emergency, not during an emergency.

Delivery information: Dental filling has an expiry date and to ensure the longest lifespan for your product, we order the filling from our suppliers only when the order has been paid for. Door-to-door delivery is within 4–7 working days from receipt of proof of payment. Outlying areas can take 5–9 working days for delivery and may be done using PAXI or Postnet.

Use cases for the emergency dental kit


The Emergency Dental Kit was created by Bruna Dessena MSc Med (EM)(UCT), the only dual-qualified ALS Paramedic and Oral Hygienist. Bruna has extensive experience running remote-site clinics in various parts of the world. She teaches First Aid Levels 1–3, BLS, ILS, ITLS and the Ships Captains Course. She is the author of two books, Tales from my Stethoscope and Every Parent’s Nightmare, both of which are available from Publisher.co.za and Amazon.